Happy Austria National Day 2022 – Austria celebrates independence on Austrian National Day in the month of October. This was the day when the last allied occupation troops of the Soviet Union left Austria in 1955. This day also marks the Declaration of Neutrality. Austria National Day (which is also called Austria Independence Day) is annually celebrated on October 26th. This day also gave birth to Austria and the Austrian nation celebrates it with full patriotic passion.

The memorial ceremonies are also celebrated with this historical day (Austrian National Day) across the country every year. On Austria’s independence day, people hoist Austrian flags everywhere to give respect to the country. This day is a public holiday in Austria and many events including cultural activities, musical concerts, parades, seminars, and much more are organized.

National Day of Austria in 2022:

In the year 2022, Austria National Day will be celebrated on Monday, 26 October 2022. The 65th Independence Anniversary day of Austria will be celebrated in Austria since gaining independence from the Soviet Union.

Austria National Day | Austria Independence Day:
Celebrated: Annually
Celebration Date: October 26
Upcoming Date: Monday, October 26, 2022
Celebrations: Flag raising, military parades, seminars, honoring war veterans, cultural activities
Type of Holiday: Public/National/State/Bank
Also Called: Austria Independence Day, National Day of the Republic of Austria
Significance: In the year 1955 the Soviet Union ended its rule on Austria and the law of permanent neutrality was passed.

Austria National Day History:

It is very important to know How did Austria gain Independence from the Soviet Union? To get the answer to this question we have to dig the history. In 976 Leopold von Babenberg was the ruler of present Austria and in 1276, the first Habsburg was Rudolf I and the Habsburgs ruled for about 750 years. In this time period, the Austrian Empire gathered so much power in the shape of wealth and land and fought battles against the Ottoman Empire.

Many major changes including the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 happened in the Era of Franz Josef I. According to this treaty, Hungary gained great political rights within the Empire and the Dual Monarchy was established.

In the 20th century, political solidarity deteriorated and the Empire was divided into parts. In the year 1919, the Austrian Republic was formed and Austria faced huge political unrest from 1919 to 1934. An unsuccessful coup d’état was launched by the Austrian National Socialists in 1934. This act was against the occupied dictator government but soon Germany incorporated Austria into the German Reich.

Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg was compelled to accept Austrian National Socialists (Nazis) in his government In February 1938 under restored dangers from Germany. Hitler played the main role in annexing Austrian with Germany. This is famous as Anschluss in history. The impact of the Nazi Holocaust in Austria has started and Germany sent its military forces to Austria which resulted in the whole occupied. This continued for nearly seven years.

In 1945 Austria was divided into four zones by allied troops. These troops belonged from the Soviet Union, France, the United States, and Great Britain. After ten years the number of allied troops was reduced to 20,000. In the year 1955, the four-zone occupation was finished after signing the Austrian State Treaty and Austria was recognized as a Sovereign Independent State.

The last Allied troops left Austria on October 25, 1955, and the country became fully independent. After a day on October 26, the constitution law on law permanent neutrality was passed by the Austrian Parliament. This is celebrated as an Austrian National Holiday in Austria.

The National Flag of Austria:

The National Flag of Austria consists of three colors(red, white, and red) and these colors are equally divided into three horizontal stripes. The Babenberg dynasty (which is known as coat of arms) is placed in the middle of these bands.

National Flag of Austria

Initially, the flag was invented by Duke Leopold V after a fierce battle.  The white surcoat of Duke was fully doused in blood and when he removed his belt, the cloth was unstained and this revealed the combination of white, red, and white. He embraced the colors and in this way, the flag was adopted.

Austria National Day Celebrations 2022:

The Austrian National Day has been celebrated since 26th October 1965. The Second Republic of Austria became in 1955 after the declaration of permanent neutrality. The National Day of Austria is celebrated in the country with patriotic enthusiasm and pride. This day shows the national unity of Austria. The Austrian National Flag is hoisted across the whole country at all public and private places. On this special day, memorial ceremonies are also held in all parts of the country. The federal museums of the country also offer free entry to visitors.

Fit-Märsche or “fitness marches” is a very unique tradition of Austria National Day. Each year thousands of tourists and citizens participate in these long fitness walks. The main focus of this tradition is to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle and to promote fitness.

Every year Austria Independence Day begins with special peace prayers including progress, and stability in the country. The main Austrian independence day celebrations are held in Vienna city which is also the capital city of the country.

Happy Austria National Day

The flag-raising ceremony is the start of Austrian independence day celebrations and after this ceremony, a huge military parade is held. The special performances, latest armories, and war tanks are displayed in this parade. Each year thousands of Austrians including tourists gather in the capital city to see the special performances and military parades.

On this day the special speeches by government officials and Austria National Day seminars are arranged to pay respect to the ancient leaders (who struggled for independence) of the country. Special Independence Day functions are arranged for the young generation on this occasion.

On the happy occasion of the National Day of Austria, people decorate all public and private buildings with Austria National Flags. People also decorate their homes and cars with lights and national flags. Special firework shows are also held on the independence day of Austria. Special red-white-colored helium-filled balloons are unleashed on the happy occasion of the national day of Austria.

Federal Chancellery and federal museums also open their door to the public to give awareness about the history of Austria. Also, street music, dancing activities, concerts, and music performances are held in various places.

On this public holiday, the Austrian families go out for picnics with family members and friends. Austrian people also prepare their traditional dishes like Liptauer Cheese Spread, Charr a la meuniere, and Wiener Schnitzel on their independence day.

The post offices, schools, banks, offices, businesses, and other government institutions remain closed while public transport reduced their services on the National Day of Austria.

Happy Austria National Day Wishes Greetings 2022:

Happy Austrian national day!!! Proud to be Austrian!!!

On October 26 – Celebrating FREEDOM, COMMITMENT, & SOLIDARITY. This independence day, let’s promise to invest in this beautiful country with all the more zeal and fervor.

On this independence day, let’s pledge to set aside all our differences and shun hatred to work together for the better future of the people of Austria.

Happy 65th Independence Day to Austria!

May a new generation of leaders rise up to fight for what’s right for our country. May we be inspired by the sacrifices made by our forefathers.

Motherland Austria… Since 1955 to date!!! So peaceful, so wonderful, very friendly.

May Our Beautiful Austria progresses in every Field, May God Bless our country with the best!

Dominica gained independence from the Soviet Union on this day in 1955. I wish all my brothers and sisters in Austria a happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day to all Austrians. On Austria’s birthday, let our gift to this land be the promise to continue striving for a tolerant, inclusive, peaceful and prosperous Austria.

Happy Independence Day to all Austrians. On Austria’s birthday, let our gift to this land be the promise to continue striving for a tolerant, inclusive, peaceful and prosperous Austria.

Happy Independence Day To All Austrians. Today we are celebrating the 65th anniversary of the declaration of the National Independence.

Happy Independence Day to the Republic of Austria! We honour all those who fought, & continue to fight for, Austrian Independence.

Happy National Day our beloved Austria. We love you!!

Happy Austria National Day Images Wallpapers 2022:

On every Year’s October Austrian celebrates its national day with great passion. People share wishes with each other All the Nation gathers at different public places because Kuwait National Day 2022 is marked as Holiday.

Austria National Day Images Wallpapers 2022 reflects the prosperity and sacrificers of the country. People share Austria National Day Wishes with Images on this occasion. This is a perfect way to express your feelings towards your country. The whole country is decorated with Austria National Day Images Wallpapers 2022. Let’s have a look at the images and wallpapers of Austria National Day 2022.

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