Ready to celebrate National Black Dog Day 2022 on 1st October 2022. This pet holiday is celebrated every year in the month of October and the purpose of this day is to raise awareness about the block dogs. A bizarre phenomenon “black dog syndrome” is also famous for black dogs. This day is also called International Black Dog Day, Adopt a Black Dog Day, Black Dog Appreciation Day, Happy Black Dog Day, Black Dog Awareness Day
Hashtag: #BlackDogDay

About National Black Dog Day 2022:

This day remembered us that we should adopt black dogs who are desperately waiting for adoption. This holiday is also very similar to Black Cat appreciation day.

Many people consider that Black Dogs as a symbol of “Bad Luck” therefore they do not adopt black dogs as compared to colored dogs…

Happy National Black Dog Day

Black dogs often 4 times less adopted as compared to lighter-colored dogs. People considered them as bad luck, dangerous, a bad omen, this phenomenon is named as Black Dog Syndrome. People also don’t like their stereotypical behavior of black dogs. Plenty of beautiful black dogs still not succeed in getting adoption simply due to their fur color. To minimize the absurd superstitions about black dogs and to educate the people how adorable black dogs are – the National Black Dog Day is celebrated (1st October) every year in the month of October.

When Celebrated National Black Dog Day And Who Created IT:

Every year the National Black Dog Day is celebrated on October 1. Therefore this year the upcoming National Black Dog Day 2022 will be observed on Tuesday, 1 October 2022.
Who Created National Black Dog Day:
An American pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige created Black Dog Day. In the year 2013 Colleen Paige visited an animal shelter to adopt a pet dog but she was surprised to see a seriously injured black dog. Her eyes were wet when she inquired about the dog from the animal shelter’s staff. The staff told her that nobody wants to adopt a black dog. From here Colleen Paige got to know the bizarre phenomenon about black dogs.

Colleen Paige adopted the dog and gave the name “Sailor”. She looked after the Sailor and provided the best available medical treatment. She also provided the best food, the best living environment, and all other needs. After a complete year, the dog recovered from such horrible conditions.

On October 1st, 2014 a sad incident happened, Colleen Paige’s adopted black dog Sailor passed away from liver cancer. Colleen Paige formed Black Dog Day on October 1, to highlight the plight of black dogs. The basic purpose of this day is to encourage people to adopt black dogs.

Adopt A Black Dog on National Black Dog Day

Objectives of Black Dog Day:

The main objective or mission of the black dog is to focus on:

  • Encourage people to adopt black dogs without fear
  • Try to finish the superstitions regarding black dogs
  • Ending the Black Dog Syndrome
  • Try to provide a better life for black dogs
  • Create awareness among people about black dogs
  • Tell people that black dogs are friendly and loyal

What is the Black Dog Syndrome?
Black dogs and cats are considered bad luck symbols therefore in many shelters, black dogs are 4 times less adopted than the lighter colored dogs. Also, black dogs are considered harder to photograph, also shelter staff does not put more attention as compared to other dogs due to their less adoption.

National Black Dog Day Celebration Ideas & Activities:

October 1 encourages people to celebrate national black dog day and remove the Black Dog Syndrome, by using all available platforms including social media. In this section of this article, we have given some national black dog day celebration ideas and activities.

  • Social Media Hashtag #BlackDogDay:  People can use this Hashtag trend to honor black dogs while black dog owners can tell the world how beautiful, friendly, and loyal the black dogs are.
  • Adopt a Black Dog: Try to adopt a black dog on this day in order to honor black dog day.
  • Remove Superstitions About Black Dog: Educate the people about black dogs and end up superstitions from the community in a positive way.
  • Love Your Black Dog: Make October 1 a special day with your love and care about your black dog. 

National Black Dog Day

Top 10 Reasons To Adopt A Black Dog:

Here are the top 10 reasons why you adopt a black dog.

  1. Black dogs require love and a safe shelter (Home)
  2. Do not discriminate against them based on color
  3. They are loving, caring, and loyal
  4. Black dogs are friendly
  5. Black Beauty
  6. Black Dogs are lucky
  7. Easy to find in the snow
  8. Great Companions on Chilly Nights
  9. Best Bodyguards
  10. Black Dogs are desperately looking for a safe home

Happy National Black Dog Day Wishes Messages Sayings 2022:


Black Dogs are beautiful. There’s no excuse for turning your backs on Black Dogs and Cats… No excuse at all. Happy Black Dog Day 2022!


Beautiful black dogs are seen in almost every shelter home throughout the country – they’re waiting to be found, and adored, like any deserving dog. On this National Black Dog Day, let’s adopt a black dog.

National Black Dog Day

Adopt black dogs because they are beautiful, friendly and loyal.
Happy National Black Dog Day 2022


Refusing to give a dog home because of superstition is just plain silly. It just doesn’t make sense.

“If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons.” ― James Thurber

“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.” ― Christopher Morley

Adopt a Black Dog. Their loyalty is no less or more than another dog, but they need a home, too.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” ― Roger Caras

A black dog or cat crossing your path means that the animal is going somewhere. There’s no bad luck or bad omen involved.

Black dogs require your attention, love and care because they are desperately looking for a safe home

October 1 reminds us to adopt a black day and end up all superstitious about black dogs. Adopt a black dog on October 1st


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