Every year on October 29, “National Cat Day” is celebrated in the USA while this day is celebrated on August 8 in Canada according to International Cat Day. National cat day was introduced by “Colleen Paige” in 2005. Colleen Paige is a strong Animal Welfare Advocate and also a pet Lifestyle Expert. The main purpose of this day is to bring awareness about domestic cats that need to be rescued each year. The basic purpose of National Cat Day is to raise awareness about homeless cats.

Since its inception, this has saved over one million cats’ lives. Cats are very lovely animals and as pets, they are very close to humans. Cats are very excellent companions. Cats are also a source of joy, fun, and laughter in the face of millions of people. People love to take them as pets. Cats have their own lifestyle and schedule. Photos and Images of Cat Day Memes are very famous on the internet.

Happy National Cat Day
Happy National Cat Day!

National Cat Day 2022 
Celebrated: Annually
Celebration Date: October 29th
Celebrated In: United States of America (USA), UK
Holiday Type: National
Founder: Colleen Paige
Hashtag: #NationalCatDay

International Cat Day 2022
Celebrated: Annually
Celebration Date: August 8th
Celebrated In: USA, Canada

History Of National Cat Day:

The founder of National Cat Day is Colleen Paige. She is a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert. She is also an Animal Welfare Advocate. She is the founder of many national holidays like National Pet Day, National Dog Day, and National Puppy Day.

She told about her mission: “To help galvanize the public to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and also to encourage cat lovers to celebrate the cat(s) in their lives for the unconditional love and companionship they bestow upon us.”

Cat Day was adopted very fastly in the United States of America and also an organization was set up to adopt pets against cruelty to Animals. This organization works very hard to bring attention to the rescued animals. And also try hard to solve the growing problems related to feral cat colonies.

According to the University of Rome scholar Claudio Ottoni; ancient sailors brought cats along them to protect food storage from rodents. Through this way cats spread across the world. Also according to National Geographic; Cats’ DNA suggests that the cats lived alongside humans for thousands of years before they were domesticated and their genes have changed from wildcats.

Cats can act according to our moods and emotions. They have given up their natural cravings to live in human homes and apartments (Specially indoor cats). On National Cat Day We should appreciate all the love that they bring to us.

National Cat Day Timeline:

  • 4000 BCE | Cats Worshipped By Egyptians
    Cats were worshipped by ancient Egyptians. Many idols of cats were made by Egyptians and they worshiped them.
  • 500 BCE | Cats Revered by the Song Dynasty:
    The cat became a popular pet in China after given to the emperor of China.
  • 100 AD | Role of Cat’s Into Permanent European Vacation
    After introduced cats to Europeans by Egyptian traders, Romans used cats as pest control.

National Cat Day Dates From 2020 To 2024:

Year Date Day
2020 October 29 Thursday
2022 October 29 Friday
2022 October 29 Saturday
2023 October 29 Sunday
2024 October 29 Tuesday

National Cat Day Wishes 2022 For Cat Lovers:

Every year in the month of October (Oct 29th), National Cat Day is celebrated in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Canada celebrates the National Cat Day on 8th August every year. The basic purpose of celebrating this day is to create awareness about cats and encourage people who love cats. Let’s celebrate this day by wishing all the cat lovers with cute National Cat Day Wishes and Sayings 2022.

National Cat Day

Here in this blog post, we have created the best collection of National Cat Day Wishes Greetings just for you. Update your social media status of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter with these national cat day wishes 2022, and share with your family and friends.

Cats make the most amazing friends because they are caring, loving, and honest… the qualities we love to see in relationships that are close to our hearts…. Happy National Cat Day 2022.

“Warm wishes on National Cat Day to you…. May you and cat enjoy this wonderful day with lots of celebrations and happiness.”

“Cats only want your love and pampering and they are going to shower you with all their love and cuteness…. Warm wishes on International Cat Day.”

On the happy occasion of National Cat Day 2022, I want to wish you and your dearest, cutest CAT a day full of love, merriment and enjoyment….. May it is always blessed!!!

Feed her with milk and she will pamper you with love….. Give her love and she will always stay honest to you….. Warm wishes on National Cat Day to the cat lover I know!!!

“If you are special to a cat, you are indeed very special and loved because you will always have someone to come back home to…. Happy International Cat Day 2022.”

“It doesn’t matter whether the cat is white or black because a cat is cat and if you are a cat lover, you love them all…. Happy National Cat Day 2022”.

Happy National Cat Day

“Warm wishes on World Cat Day to you…. May you and cat enjoy this wonderful day with lots of celebrations and happiness.”

Let’s Celebrate Cats! 🙂 … Cats really are amazing animals, there is only one way to describe your paws, your pointy ears, your fluffy tail and your adorable meow – cuteness unlimited. Happy Cat National Day 2022.

Just like a candle melts away with the heat of a flame, my heart melts away with the warmth of your purr. Happy National Cat Day!

Funny Cat Day Wishes And Sayings 2022:

If you have a CAT then you have a true friend in your house who is always there for you, to help you deal with loneliness and anxiety.

Every Day will be World Cat Day
When we achieve world domination
Happy National Cat Day!
Happy World Cat Day!

CATS are smart because they know how to get food without labour, love without pain and penalty and shelter without confinement.

Wishing you and your furry overlords a very happy World Cat Day!

Time spent with CAT is time well spent….. So spend your time wisely and smartly!!!

CATS are always there to welcome you home from a tiring day at work and make you smile, soothe your soul in the best possible way.

Taking time out of my busy day to wish you A Happy National Cat Day 2022

“Cats have the quality to outsmart dogs each and every time.”

“Home is where a cat is because she is so full of love and life that she can spread happiness around you.”

“There is no better love in this world than love from cat.”

“Home is where a cat is because she is so full of love and life that she can spread happiness around you.”

Every Day Is National Cat Day It’s Our World You Just Live In It. Get Over It

The Top 10 Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day:

Here are the top 10 ways to celebrate National Cat Day 2022. Have a look at these ways and celebrate cat day.

  • Rescue a cat
  • Adopt a cat from a cat shelter.
  • Take care of your cat’s health in every matter.
  • Donate some food, money, blankets, and toys to the animal welfare organizations.
  • Volunteer yourself at your local shelter
  • Prepare some cat-shaped cookies for your kids, friends, and family, and enjoy them with your cat. Also, prepare some tuna cookies for your sweet and lovely cat.
  • Spend the whole day with your Cat and taking photos, share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp.
  • Buy a new fun toy for your cat and give the treat.
  • Try to Buy an official National Cat Day Tee online.
  • Have a home safety check for your new cat before adoption.
  • Make a portrait painted of your cat.

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